Otvoren je natječaj za Sveučilište u Granadi za dodatni trening osoblja (nenastavnog i nastavnog) koji će se održati od 17. do 21.7.2017. Pošto je rok kratak ljubazno molimo da zainteresirani kandidati dostave sljedeću dokumentaciju do 2.6.2017.:

  1. Kopija putovnice
  2. Motivacijsko pismo na engleskom jeziku (max. 1 str. A4)
  3. CV (privitak)
  4. Potvrda o dosadašnjim mobilnostima (privitak)

Dear colleagues,

We hope this message finds you well. With regard to our previous 2015 Erasmus+ International Dimension (Partner Countries) project, we would like to inform that there is still some remaining budget allocated to your country. In order to get advantage of this remaining budget, and since all mobility flows have to be carried out by 31st July 2017, we would like to inform you that we are organizing an additional Staff Training Week

This Staff Training Week will be held at the University of Granada from 17th to 21st July. Therefore, if you would like any of your representatives to attend the event as an staff for training candidate under the Erasmus+ International Dimension (Partner Countries) programme, please send us the corresponding signed nomination letter (template below) and a copy of your nominee/s passport as soon as possible but no later than 6th June 2017.

Please note that the budget is limited so we cannot confirm now the number of available scholarships allocated to your university. Therefore, we kindly ask you to sort the list of your nominees in preference order, if it is possible.

Should you require any further information or details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
Esther Santiago



We would like to nominate the following student(s) /staff from the [_____Name of the University________], to attend the University of Granada during the period from ______ to ______ 201_, as candidates to participate in International Mobility under the Erasmus + Programme.

Name of the nominated student/staff: ____________________

Student Mobility for Studies
1st cycle undergraduate: _// 2nd cycle Master _ // doctoral cycle PhD _

Registered at the [___home university____] as an Undergraduate/Master/PhD student in the Programme

Or working in the [Unit/Department/…___________________________________]

The home university declares that the nominated candidate/s to take part in the Erasmus + mobility programme has/have been selected in a transparent, public and competitive process, following the programme instructions and in accordance with the inter-institutional agreement.





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